Business decisions sometimes require a legal opinion from a trusted professional. Our attorneys provide reliable and accurate legal opinions on various intellectual property issues to assist in your decisions. Provided below are some common Opinions of Counsel we provide to our clients.


A determination on the patentability of your invention based on a careful and detailed review of prior art references returned in a global search of the invention. Our quality Patentability Opinions outline a potential claim scope so that you fully understand the breadth of the patentability of your invention.


An opinion on whether your proposed trademark is registerable with the USPTO, based on a review of existing marks. Our Trademark Clearance Opinions are relied on by businesses so that they can confidently invest marketing and advertising resources in promoting their proposed mark before it is registered by the USPTO.


An opinion on whether your company may proceed with selling a proposed good or practicing a method without infringing identified, relevant patents. With an FTO assessment, our IP attorneys examine the claims and prosecution history of the relevant patents.


An analysis of the current landscape of a particular technology or industry, based on results from a global search of prior art and publications. The State-of-the-Art Search can be helpful for businesses to determine whether they should expand into a new field, plan a design around, or help predict trends in a particular industry.


An opinion on whether a particular patent is invalid in view of prior art and other statutory bars. Our IP attorneys regularly prepare Invalidity Opinions for clients looking to determine the validity of a patent held by a competitor, and to help clients in making strategic product development decisions.


A detailed analysis and opinion whether an accused infringing device of method infringes your patent(s). To learn more about how our IP attorneys can evaluate infringement by a third party of your patent, read about ourIP Due Diligencepractice.


An investigation and report regarding the individuals who should be listed as inventors on a patent application. Our IP attorneys know the critical questions to ask when determining who is legally considered an inventor.


A legal analysis to determine ownership of a patent or patent application when filed with joint inventors or under a joint development agreement.