Bryan Erickson

Position: Partner


Bryan has been registered to practice with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office since 2002 and has been an attorney since 2003.  Bryan is experienced in patent preparation and prosecution, patent appeals, intellectual property licensing analysis and contracts, patent portfolio analysis, patent infringement claim charting, patent validity analysis, large-scale patent landscape analysis, trademark prosecution, and international patent practice in approximately two dozen countries.  Bryan has practiced patent law on behalf of clients of all sizes from some of the largest technology companies in the world, to universities, to advising and working with young startup companies on drafting and filing their first patent applications.  Bryan has practiced in a broad range of technology areas including computer and mobile device hardware and software, networking devices, data centers, machine learning and artificial intelligence, spacecraft and aircraft electronics and systems, automotive electronics, hydraulic systems and construction vehicles, electro-optical systems, semiconductor manufacturing processes, chemical process instruments, and medical and surgical devices and systems.  Outside of law practice, Bryan has a background in software engineering, scientific research in physics and astronomy, and serving as co-founder of a software technology startup company.


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