Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts has been active in the creation and protection of intellectual property assets in the medical device space for nearly thirty years. The technical backgrounds of our medical device patent attorneys and agents comprise the entire spectrum of engineering and medicine, delivering our clients a wide view and insightful perspective into this highly specialized niche. More broadly, Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts is uniquely well-suited to develop, commercialize, and protect the intellectual property assets of its inventors and clients in the healthcare industry.


  • Endovascular Devices – intravascular catheters, stents, balloons, cutting devices; stents; embolization materials, and filters; devices and accessories for placement of endovascular devices.
  • Medical Imaging – analog and digital imaging and processing; fluoroscopy; ultrasonic, X-ray, proton resonance; nuclear isotope imaging and positron emission tomography; 2-D, M-mode, 3-D, and duplex ultrasound.
  • Laparoendoscopic Instruments – general and micro-laparoendoscopic surgical instruments; medical endoscopy systems; trocars; monitors; video processing equipment and monitors; percutaneous aspirators and drains; endoscope and endoscopy equipment; general laparoendoscopic equipment and accessories.
  • Implantable Monitoring and Therapeutics – subcutaneous and intravascular monitoring devices and infusion pumps; implantable stimulators including nerve, dorsal nerve root, brain stimulators, spinal court stimulators, nerve root stimulators, visceral nerve stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators; implantable chemistry analyzers; and implantable transmitters.
  • General Medical Devices – prosthetics; diagnostic instruments; wound-care equipment and devices; dressings; other wound, skin, and hygiene-related articles; other adjuncts to wound healing; and general patient care devices.
  • Healthcare Operations – hospital and healthcare facility operations systems; healthcare data management and analytics; medical informatics; and personalized medicine.